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What is WIVES?

WIVES stands for Wives Influential in Virtuously Embracing Submission. The WIVES Forum is a collection of groups where women gather and share to engage, equip, empower, expose and expand their lives in their sacred roles as wives. Read more about the meaning of WIVES here.

Who can join WIVES?

The WIVES Forum is designed for Engaged, Married and Widowed women. Any one who is, was, or will soon be married are welcome!

How do WIVES meet?

Meetings are often done online, through Zoom, Google Meet, or other accessible video meeting platforms. But we highly encourage our Chapters to meet through In-Person meetings as well.

Is there a cost involved?

Each Chapter decides on its own monthly dues. Funds all go towards special projects and events.

What Chapters are available?

There are already a number of WIVES Forum chapters started up, both in the US and Internationally. See a list of all our official chapters here.

Can I start a new Chapter?

You can start a new WIVES Forum chapter in your own community, and we’re happy to help! Get all the information you need here.